This association is the oldest of the area, and was started by the rifle and gun enthusiasts in 1866. Since then gymnastics, handball, running and a cycling group have been added. In 2004/2005 handball and gymnastics went over to AU & I. The cycling group has since, unfortunately, been disbanded. What are left are two sport; Allested-Vejle- Nr. Broby Shooting club and the running club.

The Shooting club is active from September to April. Here one can shoot with gallery rifles, air pistols and rifles within a shooting gallery of 15 metre lanes. In connection with the refurbishment of Allested-Vejle Fritidscenter, the associations premises have underwent modernisation. During the summer, there is outdoor shooting. The club takes part in many competitions. The cooperation with Nr-Broby Shooting Association has been so large that in 2011 there was a merger between these two associations, which resulted in that today we have one association.

The running club is a small well-established running club that runs once a week. The running club makes used of the many fantastic routes in and around Allested-Vejle. During the winter months there is running within the village where street lighting is available. The running club participates in various events around the country. In 2011 a spring and autumn race was established. As a welcomed incentive there is always the enticement of a hot bath followed by coffee and cake.