Parents Association

The Parent Association was founded in 1973 and has a board consisting of 7 members elected at an annual general meeting. The purpose of the Parents Association is, among other things, to provide financial support for the children and youth teams of the local sports club AU & I.

Therefore, every year, a team allowance is paid to the teams, so there is money for such things as social events. These events make it fun both on and off the sports and make it attractive to take part in all sports the association have to offer.  In addition it is possible to apply for financial support from the Parents Association for participation in competitions, transport costs etc.  The Parents Association also grants financial support to the training of youth coaches.

The Parents Association earns money from participating and helping to organise the fynbofest festival, from collecting paper and from the renting out of festival tents and bouncy castle.

If you are interested in joining, it cost just 50 kr. a year. 

The amount can be paid on account: reg. No .: 0828 Account No. 0003147398. Remember to provide name and address for payment. The amount can also be paid via Halbooking.  

Halbooking is a system for booking sports halls in the municipality as well as paying for the team activities you wish to participate in.

For more information see here.