Allested-Vejle Leisure Centre

In Allested-Vejle, there is a strong group of clubs and societies catering for many different types of past-times and hobbies. The place where a very large part of these activities take place is the Allested-Vejle Leisure Centre, which was inaugurated in August 2011 after a major refurbishment.

Up until 2011, the centre was known as the Allested-Vejle Hall, originally built for and by the area’s residents after an enormous physical and economic effort. The hall was opened in 1982 and was what is known in Denmark as a bubble hall, that is, a hall with walls and a ceiling made of a kind of rubberised canvas that was held up by means of warm air. The hall, in this form, was used for around 3 years. It later became possible to re-build the hall in a more tradition way with the use of glue laminated beams and brick. Once again a great deal of volunteer work was used.

In the beginning, the halls purpose was wholly that of a training centre with no huge regard for the catering of spectators. There were no facilities such as a café.

In 2008, an opportunity to extending and renovate the hall came around and with the help of special funding, money from the municipality and other private funds, a project of remodelling was started.

After a long and difficult design and construction phase, the hall, now called Allested-Vejle Fritidscenter, stands out as a new, beautiful and very distinctive building in the local landscape. 

The facility includes a modern gym, squash court, meeting rooms, kitchen, café and an event area, as well as providing a space for the local body biking (spinning) club. In addition to this, the 20 x 40 meter track still exists, giving the possibility of team sports. There is also a 15-meter shooting gallery with 8 lanes which were modernised and refurbished during the extension project.