Welcome to Childminding in Faaborg-Midtfyn local authority – your child’s secure and stable base in a small safe environment.

There are 6 local authority childminders in Allested-Vejle. The childminders and their children meet up collectively in a play group environment held in the local school in Allested School once every 14 days. 

At certain periods of the year the childminders also meet up at a weekly musical playroom in the local church.  With all the group activities that the childminders arrange, the children experience a larger community and get to know the other childminders and children.

In day care, you and your child meet welcoming, happy and warm-hearted childminders who have a desire and ability to create peace, care and comfort for your child. The childminders care for your child in a homely environment, where they professionally and competently create small learning environments for your child. In the childminders homes there is calmness and routine, while the childminders focus on meeting your child’s immediate development and well-being.

The childminders support your child’s:

  • Personal development
  • Social development
  • Language development
  • Motor-function development

The childminders sing and read with your child every day, putting emphasis on an active outdoor play and they participate in your child’s play, with focus on motor skills. There is time for peace and contemplation in day care and you and your child are always made welcome.

For more information on day care here.