Nursery Broholm

Nursery Broholm is part of the Broby schools, and is part of the local arrangement created in partnership with Allested-Vejle School, which lies only a few hundred meters away from the nursery building. Nursery Broholm functions in accordance to the local authority’s politically determined, quality standard for day care. We work systematically with inclusion and recognition in everyday life. “Broby schools are all about learning.” In the nursery, we start with the Learning Star which describes what goals children should achieve at different stages of development.

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Vision for Broby Schools:

Broby schools give students optimal learning, insight and visibility. Broby schools are a learning organisation with high ambitions.


  • Broby Schools’ mission is to develop, challenge and strengthen children and young people to achieve optimal learning so that they make the best from the opportunities life brings.
  • It is hoped that the school’s students would consider themselves as rooted, insightful and visionary world citizens, with a strong educational foundation.
  • The ability to thrive, a sense of well-being, thirst for knowledge and social-inclusion go hand in hand, and are reflected in the nursery’s everyday life. To achieve this requires constructive relationships and mutual respect.

The nursery was built in 1972 and is located within one of the village’s many residential areas. The indoor area is 480 sqm and outdoors there are 6,000 sqm of green space, so there is lots of space to romp around in. The nursery is furnished, both inside and out, with different learning rooms which support children’s learning at the various stages of development. Nursery Broholm is accredited to cater for 65 children aged 3-6 years. The children are divided into 3 areas where we work systematically with the children’s learning and development. In the morning, the educational staff organise activities that stimulate the children. The nursery has a well-functioning collaboration with SFO and the local school. We work to make the natural transitions in the children’s lives as seamless as possible. The childminders in the town regularly visit the nursery where they play indoors and out and often have their lunch with us. The transition from nursery to school is also made as easy as possible. In the few months before entering school, the staff prepare and equip the children for the new challenges ahead. This is done by arranging for their new class teacher to visit the nursery and for the children to visit the school where they participate in a school day. Likewise, the children also visit the SFO.