Børnehaven Broholm, which is the local nursery, and SFO (Skolesfritidsordning: out of school care) are both part of a local arrangement created in partnership with the Broby schools. This means that Broholm Nursery and SFO is as one and the same institution, with the same management, creating a continuity and security that the children find rewarding.  Allested-Vejle SFO is physically located in the junior department of the school, known locally as the Block. The Block has double usage. SFO has a permanent, large room and in addition, classrooms are used when school days are over. There are around 60 children enrolled in the SFO at any one time. You can choose to have your child enrolled for morning or afternoon SFO or both. The adult members of staff are very well educated, with many of them being educated in the philosophy of pedagogy; therefore we achieve a high degree of integrity in the child’s everyday life. It allows for focus on the individual’s well-being and development. We focus heavily on the children’s relationships and social skills, which are strengthened and developed in the children’s own play or in the activities offered. From SFO it is quite normal for children to go on to afterschool activities and there are also children who take the bus home.