Free Schools

There are two free school options in the surrounding area.

Nørre Lyndelse Friskole

Nørre Lyndelse Friskole is a free school in the Grundtvig-Koldsk tradition and has existed for over 140 years. There are approximately 220 students at the school. We believe we work to a superb and high level of professionalism and strive to ensure that school life is characterized by equality and mutual respect.  A sense of community, belonging and safety as well as well-being and setting a good tone characterize our school. 

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Broby Friskole – space for diversity

The Binding Community: We endorse the binding, committed community, which means that students, parents and teachers are committed to actively contributing to the school and community. One cannot be just satisfied with getting by and not making mistakes, if something is worth doing it is worth doing properly and correctly. This means that we each make a commitment to ensure that everyone feel comfortable at school.

Confidence: We believe that we must trust each other and that everyone does as much as they can whilst respecting each other’s circumstances. This means that students, parents or employees who may be suffering a crisis in their lives are not be expected to contribute as much as they maybe do at other times in their lives. A level of understanding is always expected. Here it is important that the parents remember that they should also trust the school to do the right thing for their children.

Equal value: We support equality. We therefore believe that everyone is equal. Everyone has the right to be heard and taken at face value. Conversations must be entered into with everyone on an equal footing. Together with the binding community and trust, it is our way to counter-act bullying. 

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