The public school

In Allested –Vejle we are served by the Allested-Vejle school which is a department of Broby Schools. 

Broby schools consist of 3 departments.

Department Broholm Nursery caters for children from 2 year 8 months to school age, which is around 6 years old. Department Allested-Vejle caters for children from 0 class to 6th class, this encompasses the age groups from 6 years old to 12 years old. Pontoppidan school is situated in the nearby village of Brobyværk and caters for children from 0 class to 9th class. Many of the children from Allested-Vejle follow to Pontoppidan after 6th class and continue their last 4 years there. Broby schools are the local authority run schools for this area.

Collectively the Broby school department are ambitious schools. We hope and believe that with having high expectations of ourselves and of our school’s beautiful students that it makes a significant difference in how the students see themselves and subsequently their schooling.  We want to attain and maintain a high academic level, knowing that academic ambitions go hand in hand with a safe and secure learning environment and in turn leads to a close cooperation of all involved in the schools, from parents, teachers, the local authority and of course the teaching staff. Broby School embraces working within an international remit and likes to encourage children of all ages to work within an international scope.


  • Broby Schools’ mission is to develop, challenge and strengthen children and young people to achieve optimal learning so that they make the best from the opportunities life brings.
  • It is hoped that the school’s students would consider themselves as rooted, insightful and visionary world citizens, with a strong educational foundation.
  • The ability to thrive, a sense of well-being, thirst for knowledge and social-inclusion go hand in hand, and it is reflected in the school’s everyday life. The school thrives on having constructive relationships and mutual respect from all involved in the use and running of the school.

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