Welcome to the Allested-Vejle area

The Allested-Vejle area is a rural community on Midtfyn, approximately 15 km south of Odense. Originally it consisted of the two parishes Allested and Vejle. The area currently includes the three cities Allested, Vejle and Radby.

Allested-Vejle has much to offer. We have school and good quality care (day care, nursery, junior and SFO), a rich social life, business, good shopping and a conservation worthy and beautiful nature.

Allested-Vejle included in the exclusive club Flowering Village. We became a city no. 7 nationwide. Flowering Village is a development that want to strengthen and preserve rural communities in Denmark. Today, we are at level 1. Local Council with the start of 2015 has started working with Flower 2. The first of the four themes we have to work with is the concept of value “courtesy”. This work we expect completion in spring 2015. Part of the work with Flower 2 is a development plan for the area which is to stretch the next 20-30 years.

In the spring of 2014, our school threatened with closure and this caused a lot of change for our area. It started with Action Group was formed. The vision of the group is to preserve our school. The threat of losing our school has meant that communities in our area have grown to unprecedented heights.